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05. Inspiration Begins with an Inspiring Workspace

05. Inspiration Begins with an Inspiring Workspace

Offices Designed to Boost Creativity

Indeed currently operates offices in 31 cities in 15 countries. With 10,000 employees and counting, multiple workplace projects are always running to accommodate company growth and cultivate an environment where employees feel inspired to do their best work.

Reflecting culture and the needs of employees
At Indeed, we believe authenticity is essential. A physical office space should reflect the company’s culture and employees’ needs, as this can play an important role in employee engagement. Two main factors encompassing our office design are brand values and company culture. Overall, Indeed’s design aesthetic is organic and not overtly branded. Our main goal is to ensure offices all over the world are well equipped with everything employees need to feel motivated and deliver on our mission to help people get jobs.

Aside from great employee workstations, we also focus on developing larger “destination spaces.” These serve multiple purposes, from bringing people together for team meetings and presentations, to encouraging cross-team collaboration and providing space to host community-building events. Throughout all Indeed offices we’ve also instituted an open office environment which reflects our collaborative nature as a company.

Adapting offices for the different cultural needs
Since every country is different, where possible we’ll consult with local employees about their preferences, as well as incorporate local artist designs and regional amenities relevant to that market. In 2019, Indeed launched a number of large office projects in Austin, Dublin and Tokyo.

At the Austin office, a massive central staircase connects seven floors and functions as the space’s main thoroughfare—a perfect environment for employees to encounter new faces and engage in serendipitous conversations. “It’s really cool to work for a company that places so much emphasis on employee happiness,” said one Austin employee. “The culture here is open, collaborative, and really team-oriented.”

Dublin is Indeed’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) headquarters, and the office is located next to the city’s port, connecting it to the rest of the world. The Dubliners love spending time in the office’s rooftop gardens, which showcase some of the best views in the city. The office also features a dedicated “Idea Center” and a town hall presentation space to give employees room to explore new ideas and display their contributions. “It’s very bright, which leaves a lot of room for creativity,” an employee shared.

Indeed’s new Tokyo engineering campus features incredible views of the Tokyo skyline. The artwork and meeting spaces are intentionally soft and inviting to encourage employees to sit and spend time together. “It’s the perfect environment for collaborating with colleagues. It’s inviting, it’s friendly, and it makes me want to work even more,” one employee said about the Tokyo office’s “Oasis” couch area. “The best part is the strong sense of connection I feel when I spend time with my team,” said another.

The Austin Domain Office

The Tokyo South Office

There’s no doubt that Indeed’s employees are passionate about the company’s mission to help people get jobs, and in their new workspaces, they feel more motivated than ever to achieve that goal. Explore Indeed’s new offices at Austin Domain, Dublin Capital Dock, and Tokyo Tamachi to see how the workspaces were inspired by the company’s global workforce.

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