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10. Glassdoor Building Trust, One Review at a Time

10. Glassdoor Building Trust, One Review at a Time

Ensuring Content Is Trustworthy

95% of job seekers want to be informed about all aspects of a job before accepting a position. Fortunately, Glassdoor offers a platform where employees can anonymously share candid reviews and ratings about their employer to help foster discussions around creating better working environments. Glassdoor is built around transparency and accessibility but some reviews can be challenging for employers —how does Glassdoor ensure that every rating and review is reliable?

Glassdoor, headquartered in San Francisco, is one of the world’s largest platforms where people can find jobs and learn about companies through anonymous reviews from employees. Glassdoor’s public reviews and ratings play a major role in giving job-seekers an insider’s view of what it’s like to work for a prospective employer. Each December, Glassdoor publishes its Employees’ Choice for the “Best Places to Work” award list, which it compiles by evaluating how employees rate companies on eight workplace factor ratings, as well as the quality, quantity, and consistency of those companies’ Glassdoor ratings and reviews. Leading companies across almost every industry use the report as a reference for improving their work environments and cultures.

So how does Glassdoor ensure that the ratings and reviews it takes into account are reliable? First, by adopting a methodology that is straightforward, consistent, and fair. Glassdoor also shares the awards criteria in advance to inform employers of what it takes to be considered. When contributing a review on Glassdoor, people are prompted to share the pros and cons of their experience at a company in order to paint a full and balanced picture. All employers are treated equal and can never pay to remove posts it views as unfavorable. Second, by ensuring that every post meets Glassdoor’s community guidelines. Every review can go through a two-step moderation process. First, the content is combed by proprietary technology that analyzes multiple attributes and flags content for additional moderation. Flagged content is then reviewed closely by a team of human moderators to determine whether it meets the community guidelinesThrough this rigorous process, Glassdoor ensures that all content on its site is fair, authentic, and dependable, guaranteeing that job-seekers can rely on it to make important decisions about their careers and that businesses can accurately evaluate the health of their work culture.

Glassdoor offers the latest job listings combined with millions of reviews and insights to help people everywhere find a job and company they love.

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