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16. One Day Reporter: Children’s Guide to the Working World

16. One Day Reporter: Children’s Guide to the Working World

The TOWNWORK Job Book Program

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Recruit Jobs (RJB) conducts the TOWNWORK Job Book career education program every year in Japanese elementary schools. The program creates playful opportunities for students to think about their future careers and discover how work can be fun, difficult, and meaningful.

The TOWNWORK Job Book program culminates in a special TOWNWORK booklet that describes the students’ projects. RJB employees act as instructors and help the young students learn what it means to have a job, manage responsibilities, and work together as a team through lectures, group activities, and classes. Students then participate in mock job interviews and learn about the importance of maintaining eye contact and carrying a confident demeanor. And at the end of the program, the children get to interview adults with jobs that interest them to learn more about the role work plays in adults’ lives. After they write a report about the interview, the instructors from RJB then compile all of the learnings from the program into a special TOWNWORK booklet for the students to keep.

In 2018, RJB’s TOWNWORK program was certified by the Tokyo 2020 Education Program run by the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo 2020 (now 2021) Olympic and Paralympic Games. The certification provided RJB’s TOWNWORK program with educational materials so that students could learn from the spirit of the Olympics. That year, 43 RJB employees—including two veterans of the Paralympic Games, Keita Murakami (wheelchair basketball) and Jun Tazawa (sitting volleyball)—participated as lecturers and helped students understand the importance of learning about other cultures and challenging themselves.

Since its launch, schools from all over Japan in Tokyo, Kansai, Nagoya, Ibaraki, and Kumamoto have participated in the TOWNWORK Job Book program. In just the year 2012, over 200 RJB employees worked with over 700 children, helping them gain more insight into what it means to have a job and do interesting work.

“I thought adults worked just to make money,” said one student. “But by taking this class, I realize now that work is a positive thing that can actually be really fun!” Another student noted, “After learning about so many different kinds of jobs, I can see that everyone’s job is important. I’m excited to have my own job one day!”

In the years to come, RJB hopes to carry out more activities like the TOWNWORK Job Book program that contribute to Japan’s future. Recruit Group’s aim is always to help foster opportunities for every individual, and today’s youth are no exception.

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