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17. SUUMO's Got your Back! Your Dream Home is Guaranteed

17. SUUMO's Got your Back! Your Dream Home is Guaranteed

SUUMO Counter Completion Assurance Guarantee

SUUMO Counter is a service that matches people interested in purchasing or building a house with the perfect vendor. For those interested in building a custom home, SUUMO Counter finds the right construction company to hire and covers the contract with the “SUUMO Counter Home Building Assurance.” 

When Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka (a pseudonym) decided to rebuild their home in October 2016, they started attending various housing exhibitions and reaching out to various construction companies. But something wasn’t quite right about any of the vendors they contacted.

“We couldn’t tell which company was a good fit for us; we didn’t know what to prepare or how to assess them,” said Mr. Tanaka “We needed some objective advice.”

Serendipitously, while flipping through a newspaper, the couple saw an ad for SUUMO Counter and realized that it could be the answer to their problems. SUUMO Counter thoughtfully pairs renovators with the perfect vendors and construction companies—a service the Tanakas knew they would need to get started on building their dream house. The Tanakas visited SUUMO Counter and were assigned an advisor, Ms. Suzuki (a pseudonym), to help them organize their needs and search for vendors. After learning about their expectations and desires, Ms. Suzuki set up a series of interviews to vet the vendors and find the right fit for the Tanakas.

“Advisor Suzuki introduced us to companies we hadn’t been able to find on our own” said Mr. Tanaka. “And when we weren’t sure how to go about narrowing down the final candidates, Ms. Suzuki helped us review each company’s price, design, and process so that we could make a fully-informed decision.”

The Tanakas decided to move forward with one of SUUMO Counter’s picks and begin the demolition of their 40-year home, but they were soon met with an unexpected setback. Right after the traditional Japanese groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of their new home had finished, the construction company they hired went bankrupt.

“I saw the news about the bankruptcy and ran to the nearest SUUMO Counter,” said Mrs. Tanaka “I was frantically hoping that they would be able to help us so that Mr. Tanaka and I wouldn’t lose all the money we had invested in the construction.”

The Tanakas had already paid one third of the construction costs, including the cost of demolition, up front. Luckily, the staff at SUUMO Counter assured the couple that they were covered by the SUUMO Counter Completion Assurance Guarantee and would get 80%–90% of their payment back.

Relieved, the Tanakas decided to continue moving forward with the construction of their new home and employed SUUMO Counter to search for another suitable vendor to finish the job.

Pleased with Ms. Suzuki’s help and guidance, the Tanakas requested her as their advisor even after she had been transferred to another location. “She really understood us,” said Mr. Tanaka “She took into account the compatibility of the companies he introduced us to and made sure the vendors understood our situation. She even designated who at those companies would be in charge of our project so that we felt confident in their ability to deliver results. It only made sense for us to work with him again.”

With Ms. Suzuki’s help, Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka found a new construction company to hire and their custom home was finally completed in 2019.

“We’re so grateful to SUUMO Counter and Ms. Suzuki for working with us on this three-year project,” said Mrs. Tanaka. “I don’t think we would have been able to do this on our own. Even through the setback, SUUMO Counter was there with us the whole way. Thanks to their support, we were able to move into our new home in November.”

“Our new vendor actually delivered something more polished than the plan we had initially requested,” added Mr. Tanaka. “It turned out to be a good thing that we were able to adjust the planning after the first construction company backed out. They say you only build a house once in your life, but we got to design our dream home and then redesign it to be even better.”

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