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19. How to Find your First Room: Supporting Youth Homes through Housing Guide

19. How to Find your First Room: Supporting Youth Homes through Housing Guide

A Book to Find Your First Room

Approximately 39,000 children live in youth homes across Japan; many do not have access to the support or resources they need to become self-sufficient adults. 

Through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Recruit Holdings is committed to uplifting those in need. In 2011, Recruit developed an employment support program called WORK FIT (formerly Honki no Shushoku) to help disadvantaged young people in Japan find work. Through this program, Recruit staff began working closely with new high school graduates who had been living in youth homes. When the young job seekers found work, they often moved out of the youth homes into dormitories provided by their new employers. Though the accommodations were a welcome change, the moves were risky, since losing their jobs would mean losing their housing, too. 

Without stable housing, it’s hard to maintain a stable job. To provide young people with guidance around finding safe, long-term living arrangements outside of youth homes, staff from Recruit’s CSR initiative teamed up with Recruit Sumai Company (RSC) to produce an informational booklet based on articles from SUUMO, Recruit’s housing-oriented website and magazine. 

The first copy of “A Book to Find Your First Room” was published in 2018, and since then, over 4,000 copies have been printed and distributed to youth homes and self-reliance support facilities. The booklets have received a great deal of enthusiasm from caretakers running youth homes across Japan, who now feel better equipped to provide young people with the information they need to move into new accommodations. Recognizing the booklets as an important resource, the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government also began sharing them with foster parents. 

Through CSR programs and other compassionate initiatives, RSC hopes to continue to help combat social issues in the country. 

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