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20. A New Benchmark for Choosing Your Next Car

20. A New Benchmark for Choosing Your Next Car

Carsensor Certification

Carsensor provides a wide range of information on purchasing and replacing cars, and used cars in particular. In 2010, we launched our Carsensor Certification service for customers who worry about buying a used car, providing peace of mind before and after their purchase. From the start, even cars of the same type, grade and model vary in price. In online listings, cheap cars sell well, even if they might be in poor condition… We want to break away from this overemphasis on price and enable customers to make a choice based on the quality of the vehicle. That’s why we have partnered with a third-party organization to make the same kind of inspections and evaluations professional dealerships conduct available to consumers too. We have quantified vehicle quality and made it possible to visualize the condition of vehicles prior to purchasing. This now functions as a new benchmark for helping our customers choose their car. In 2012, we launched our Carsensor After-Sale Guarantee service, a post-purchase guarantee system just for used cars. Here, we ask Toru Konno from AIS Inc., which provides support for Carsensor’s certifications, about the thought that goes into these inspections.

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