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21. Helping Hand Can Make it Easy for Meeting the One

21. Helping Hand Can Make it Easy for Meeting the One

Zexi Enmusubi(online dating service)

In 1993, during Ring (formerly New RING), Recruit Group’s annual new business contest where employees pitch startup ideas, an employee came up with the idea for an unconventional wedding magazine. The idea was inspired by a desire not to have “a standard wedding, but rather a ceremony the bride can arrange as they see fit.” In response to overwhelming support from other employees, Recruit started Zexy Brand, a bridal brand that provides couples with the resources they need to plan a wedding.

However, today, planning a wedding is not something most Japanese people are overly concerned about. Many are facing a precursory challenge: finding the right partner. Due to the compounding of various factors, dating in Japan has become exceptionally difficult. The country’s declining birthrate has introduced greater pressure on young couples to have children, social and cultural changes have altered our perspective on love, and technological advancements have pushed our lifestyles and values to be more centered around the internet and personal devices. Worldwide, the marriage rate is dropping near the lowest it’s ever been. Amidst all of these moving pieces and stressors, many people feel as though they lack the knowledge and support they need to find a significant other.

With the rise of social media, matchmaking and dating apps have become a common way for young adults to mingle. Still, some people are suspicious of their effectiveness and costs. It’s common to hear people say, “I have always been skeptical of matchmaking services. How do I know if the other people using those apps are actually interested in a serious relationship?”

That’s why, as a trusted brand in the bridal industry with decades of experience working with engaged couples and navigating relationships, Zexy Brand decided to launch Zexy Enmusubi, an online matchmaking site and app that offers consultation services and local mingling events for its users.

Introduced in 2015, Zexy Enmusubi acts as an open and secure community to meet other singles. The free website and app offer a first-of-its-kind proxy dating service called Matchmaking Concierge that keeps users’ personal information private and secure while scheduling dates. Zexy Enmusubi also offers a professional matchmaking consulting service that costs just one-third the price of the industry standard, making it much more accessible.

“I tried a few other dating apps and websites but I never felt completely comfortable with sharing my information online,” said one user. “But I decided to try Zexy Enmusubi because I know the Zexy brand is trustworthy, and I’m happy I did. Using my information, Zexy Enmusubi carefully paired me with matches that shared my interests.”

Almost 30 years since its founding, Zexy Brand has evolved to meet the needs of the modern-day romantic hopeful. Today, Zexy Enmusubi has over one million members and collaborates with hundreds businesses. Zexy Enmusubi makes a new match every 25 seconds, and has matched a total of over 2.84 million pairs. Approximately 80% of users who find a partner through Zexy Enmusubi meet their partner within the first six months of using the service. Thanks to hundreds of success stories of couples who met through the service and went on to get married, new users feel reassured and excited about using the service.

“We met on Zexy Enmusubi last year and we had an immediate connection,” a couple shared. “We felt at ease using the service knowing professional marriage experts were working behind the scenes.”

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