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22. Expanding the Accessibility of Education

22. Expanding the Accessibility of Education

Study Sapuri

In Japan, the pressure to attend a top university and land an impressive job is at an all-time high. The academic environments of many Japanese schools are highly competitive, and many students attend expensive preparatory classes to gain an edge over their peers. However, because many students don’t have the means to attend supplemental classes or employ first-rate tutors, the education gap between wealthy and less-privileged students is growing.  

In 2012, Recruit Marketing Partners (RMP) founded Study Sapuri (formerly Juken Sapuri) with the goal of narrowing this gap. Study Sapuri’s guiding principle is to “deliver outstanding educational opportunities to every corner of the globe.” The platform provides over 40,000 on-demand educational videos so that students can gain access to a broad range of academic resources.

Many renowned preparatory school lecturers have joined the Study Sapuri platform and strongly support the company’s mission. Gaku Hijii, a teacher from Shizuoka, was one of the first educators Study Sapuri worked with. “Prior to working with Study Sapuri, I felt limited in teaching only in front preparatory school students,” said Hijii. “As educators, it’s important to find ways to expand our reach to learners everywhere.”

Hijii became the first main provider of video lectures on the Study Sapuri platform, and introduced the service to many other well-known lecturers such as mathematics teacher Keisuke Yamauchi and English teacher Masao Seki. These partnerships with distinguished teachers have contributed greatly to the success of Study Sapuri’s video content, giving students a variety of teaching styles to learn from.

To continue to understand and address learning gaps in Japan, Study Sapuri has held workshops and distributed surveys at various high schools. And in addition to working closely with educators to produce high-quality academic content, the Study Sapuri team analyzes audience rating data to ensure the videos are meaningful and engaging. If videos are rated below 4.5/5 stars, the team removes them and re-shoots the content to be more appealing to viewers. 

Thanks to these ongoing efforts to improve and grow to meet the needs of students, Study Sapuri’s services have expanded rapidly. In 2015, the company teamed up with Quipper, a London-based educational platform, to bring on-demand educational services to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico. 

Study Sapuri has also made an effort to make the lives of teachers easier. Teachers are expected to complete many manual tasks that can prolong their working hours and cause burnout and stress. The company released Study Sapuri for Teachers in 2016 to help teachers optimize their work and better support their students. Teachers can now use Study Sapuri to manage student learning progress, develop benchmarking tests, and distribute homework. The service is expanding throughout Japan and, as of 2018, was deployed in over 2,500 high schools.

In order to combat and close education gaps all over the world, Study Sapuri plans to develop more services that support students and teachers and make educational resources more accessible. Study Sapuri hopes to help bring about a world in which learners feel in control of and excited about their academic and professional futures.

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