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23. Quipper: Eliminating Education Gaps, One Video at a Time

23. Quipper: Eliminating Education Gaps, One Video at a Time


Founded in London, England in 2010, Quipper is an online learning platform that allows teachers to create and share curriculum for students in elementary school through high school. As a “distributor of wisdom,” Quipper focuses on making education accessible to all students, regardless of financial status or local educational opportunities. Though some communities may lack school infrastructure or face socioeconomic disparities, Quipper’s inexpensive platform gives teachers the resources they need to serve their students.

In the mid-2010s, Quipper expanded its services to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico, where it works with local teachers to produce high-quality educational materials that meet the country’s curriculum standards. In the Philippines, for example, where 20 regional boards of education have issued guidelines for educational materials, teachers can find and use materials other teachers have created instead of building new curriculum from scratch. This distribution of wisdom reduces the burden of curriculum development and ensures that students from different communities who are exposed to different opportunities are receiving the same quality of education.

Like Quipper, Recruit Marketing Partners (RMP) is passionate about democratizing access to quality education and eliminating education gaps. RMP released an online video service called Study Sapuri (formerly Juken Sapuri) in Japan in 2012 to provide students with high-quality on-demand lectures. The service gradually expanded to include video content for teachers to help them navigate and standardize teaching tasks in diverse educational environments.

After being introduced to Study Sapuri, Masayuki Watanabe, Quipper’s founder, saw an opportunity for the services to join forces in pursuit of a shared mission. Quipper officially became a part of Recruit Group in 2015, and today, Quipper and Study Sapuri operate side-by-side to provide educational services around the world—Quipper in England, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mexico, and Study Sapuri in Japan. Both offer a comprehensive learning platform that includes the QuipperSchool work support tool for teachers and the QuipperVideo service for students with educational videos such as those created by Study Sapuri.

Creating an accessible marketplace for learning is an important step toward eliminating education gaps and the consequences of those gaps, but there is still much to do. In the future, Quipper plans to begin offering vocational education resources so that teachers can use the platform to help students acquire professional skills, in addition to academic skills. Together, Quipper and Study Sapuri aspire to provide students with all of the learning resources they need to become well-educated and productive members of society who are prepared to secure the jobs they want, regardless of the local resources available to them.

※As of July 2020, Quipper business is actively operated in Indonesia and Philippines.

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