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24. Education Across Borders: Quipper Expands Globally with On-Demand Video Classes

24. Education Across Borders: Quipper Expands Globally with On-Demand Video Classes

Quipper Video

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, approximately 258 million school-aged youth do not attend school. In order to make way for a brighter and more sustainable future, it’s essential for education companies and organizations to find new ways to provide young people with more opportunities to learn.

Quipper, an online learning service, is making strides in expanding on-demand education around the world. The service offers on-demand video classes and lectures for students to learn from anytime and anywhere, at their own pace. Building on the success of Recruit Group’s Japanese educational video service Study Sapuri, Quipper released QuipperVideo in Indonesia in August 2015, and expanded to Mexico and the Philippines in 2016. The QuipperVideo service can be paired with QuipperSchool, a learning management system and training platform for teachers, so that educators can better support students in their pursuit of knowledge.

Quipper’s goal is to create a world where everyone can learn as much as they want. Since its launch, QuipperVideo has accumulated over 120,000 users in the three new countries, but there is still a long way to go before most out-of-school youths gain access to education. Despite the many challenges ahead, Quipper looks forward to continuing to expand access to quality, on-demand learning tools to more students in more countries.

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