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33. Sharing Data to Accelerate Technological Advancements

33. Sharing Data to Accelerate Technological Advancements

Business-academia collaboration

Like many other IT companies, Recruit Group proactively provides anonymized real-world data to government and academic research institutions through partnerships with the National Institute of Informatics (NII) and the Database Society of Japan (DBSJ). Specifically, Recruit shares data related to comments on Hot Pepper Beauty, an online guide to beauty services, and product searches on Ponpare Mall, an online shopping site.

Researchers use this data to gain a better understanding of the online beauty and shopping industries and the relationships consumers have with these sites. Unlike test data, which is often too well organized and unrealistic, data collected from actual services is varied and messy, giving researchers accurate depictions of the real-world behaviors and patterns they are studying, and allowing them to glean insights they would not otherwise have found.

Recruit’s data has been used in many settings as material for academic research. One university, for example, used Recruit’s data in an undergraduate class called “The World of Intellectual Pursuits: Experience Big Data!” Student members of the DBSJ also referenced the data in the “2019 DBSJ Data Challenge.”

When consumer companies publicly share their data with the world for research purposes, they assign greater value to their customers’ experiences and acknowledge the critical role customer data plays in the technological advancement of their business and society as a whole. Novel analyses based on consumer data are often shared around the world and help catalyze industry changes. In this way, consumers are directly influencing the businesses they patronize.

Using real-world data in academic research raises the overall standard of Japanese data science, and Recruit is proud to contribute to that work. Recruit Group plans to continue sharing valuable data and hopes to use that data as an impetus to build interactive relationships with students in an effort to contribute to academia and the development of technology in Japan.

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