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37. The Power of Listening: TrustYou Understands, Collects, and Shares Your Feedback

37. The Power of Listening: TrustYou Understands, Collects, and Shares Your Feedback


Traveling can be a stressful endeavor. It requires planning for transportation, food, and, most importantly, where you’ll be staying at the end of the day. In a sea of options, how are travelers supposed to choose the best accomodations?

Founded in Munich, Germany in 2008, TrustYou is the world’s largest online reputation management (ORM) platform for hotel services. TrustYou collects guest reviews from various sites and social media and compiles them on a single central dashboard. Hotels with access to the site can then view an analysis of their reviews, competitive insights, and impact scores. TrustYou also shares positive review summaries and hotel highlights with Google Search and Maps, Kayak, Hotels.com, online travel agencies, and dozens of other sites.

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Before founding TrustYou, CEO Benjamin Jost, like many others, used guest reviews and ratings to decide which hotel he should book for business trips. But doing so was always a chore since it required searching through and cross-checking an array of different sites. He realized that a central platform for all reviews and ratings would not only help other guests, it would also be an invaluable resource to hotel services. The aggregate data would help hotels better understand what their customers want and allow them to update and refine their services in response.

“TrustYou’s mission is to help hotels provide the greatest guest experience,” said Jost. “We are focused on listening to all guests to discover insights that will improve products and policies.”

Today, TrustYou’s guest feedback platform analyzes reviews and surveys for more than 700,000 accommodations around the world. Hotels using TrustYou understand guests’ preferences and constantly evolve to meet their needs. The improved services these hotels provide result in more positive reviews and repeat guests, which is why many hotels think of TrustYou as a kind of loyalty program. In the future, TrustYou will expand its scope to collect more live feedback data during guests’ stays to be able to fix problems right when they occur.

“With TrustYou, we found the all-in-one platform that not only provides us with valuable guest insights that we wouldn’t otherwise gain, but it also enables us to leverage that feedback and improve our services,” one hotel client said. “We are excited to see our scores improve and we are now more certain than ever that, with TrustYou’s solutions, we can pinpoint the exact needs and expectations of our guests.”

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