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40. Recruit Group Shares the Ins and Outs of Business with the World

40. Recruit Group Shares the Ins and Outs of Business with the World

Collaborate with Global Business Schools

Recruit Group has become well-known in Japan as the leader of the HR industry and for providing services across various other sectors. However, although Recruit Group entered the global market ten years ago, it is still not as well-known internationally. Many Recruit Group companies lead their respective foreign markets, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Staffmark, etc., but most business professionals have no idea that these brands are part of Recruit Group. This lack of brand awareness outside of Japan has the potential to impact Recruit Group’s status in the industry and among investors. To remedy this, Recruit Group has begun to pursue different strategies to appeal to global audiences and communicate the group’s successes, goals, and culture.  

In 2018, Recruit Group started collaborating on research activities with several world-famous business schools: Harvard Business School, IMD, and IESE. The research projects analyzed how Recruit Group’s infrastructure had changed throughout its rich, 60-year history in order to uncover insights that could inform other companies. The researchers found that Recruit Group is uncommonly open to bottom-up value creation and that, decades ago, the group had implemented many novel practices that are now understood to be best practices in business management. They also discovered that Recruit Group’s infrastructure inherently nurtures a culture of ongoing and systematic transformation, explaining why the organization is known as an early adopter and pioneer in today’s age of digital transformation.

What started out as a strategy to gain more international recognition turned into an introspective learning experience—Recruit Group gained many insights about its management practices and institutional structure from the research projects. The group worked with the business schools to turn these learnings into case studies that were incorporated into MBA and executive programs, which helped Recruit Group’s name reach countless entrepreneurs. More importantly, Recruit Group discovered a new way to provide value to others: by sharing knowledge with business leaders around the world.

Eager to contribute more to the global communities that work on talent development and future leaders, in 2019, Recruit Group became the first official Japanese partner of the Leadership Accelerator Program by the Minerva Project, an American educational organization focused on talent development. With the Minerva Project, Recruit Group has been developing and implementing leadership and management training activities both internally and for other companies. The group plans to continue to collaborate with educational institutions to support the evolution of business strategy around the world.

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