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45. It’s the People that Matter. Finding Suitable Employment for Immigrants

45. It’s the People that Matter. Finding Suitable Employment for Immigrants

There is currently a large influx of people moving to the Netherlands for job opportunities. USG People is an HR recruitment company by RGF Staffing headquartered in Almere, Netherlands that focuses on providing employment support for immigrants.

Raoul de Miranda is originally from the Republic of Suriname, a country located in northeastern South America. Deterred by the difficult economic conditions in Suriname, he moved to the Netherlands in 2016 in search of better job opportunities. But it was difficult to obtain a visa without a full-time job, which meant that his wife, Salina, could not move to the Netherlands with him.

“At the time, it was really painful to think that even though Salina and I loved each other, we didn’t know when we would be together again,” said Raoul.

During Raoul’s job search, he met Gerard Vogel, a Recruiter at USG People. In their first meeting, Gerard was immediately impressed with Raoul’s demeanor and skill set.

​“Raoul is a very friendly, cheerful, and motivated person and knows a lot about IT.” said Gerard. “When I learned that he had left his wife behind in Suriname to find suitable work, I felt compelled to do everything I could to help him.”

Gerard soon found a vacant temporary position at a Dutch company. But at first, Raoul didn’t want to apply because he needed a permanent, full-time position. Gerard strongly encouraged Raoul to apply anyway, explaining that many Dutch companies use temporary positions as trial periods before hiring people full-time.

Following Gerard’s advice, Raoul applied for and accepted the position. After just a couple of months on the job, Raoul had impressed his employers so much that his fixed-term contract was changed to a permanent one.

“Not being Dutch, I was nervous about my career options when I first arrived in the Netherlands,” said Raoul. “But Gerard helped me realize my potential, and I was able to get a full-time job where I could use my IT skills sooner than I expected.”

Within two years, Salina was finally able to join her husband in the Netherlands. With USG People’s help, she, too, found herself a job.

“Moving across the world to start a new life is one of the scariest things you can do,” said Salina. “I’m so happy that USG People was there to support Raoul and me in securing our current jobs.”

USG People has also helped young migrants find suitable jobs in the Netherlands.

When Marta Alberca was 18, she left Spain to study in the Netherlands. After a year of studying, Marta became remarkably fluent in Dutch. Motivated by her study abroad experience, she went on to study Dutch law.

When the time came to look for a job in the legal field, Marta seeked assistance from USG People’s subsidiary, USG Legal. The fact that Marta was not a native speaker of Dutch nor a Dutch citizen presented a hurdle to Eline van de Pluijm, who is in charge of recruitment at USG, but Eline recognized Marta’s potential immediately.

“When I first met Marta, I gathered that she was a shy and quiet person, but I could see right away that she was passionate about becoming a legal professional,” said Eline. “She was diligent and had a strong desire to study, so I encouraged her to be more confident in her ability.”

What she wanted was a job at the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. USG Legal offered a training on “Administrative Law” once a month while sending her to the project at the department. “It’s like an extended program from university, and a great opportunity to have deep dive into the law and learn, and open up the possibility of getting a full-fledged job at the Immigration Department.”

Marta’s skills and appetite for learning were highly admired by her employer, and she is currently working in screening and decision-making at the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. “I’m delighted to have landed this job,” said Marta. “I can do important work that makes full use of my expertise.”

Thanks to USG’s help, Marta has been able to realize the dream she’d had since her study abroad experience. What’s important to Eline ​​is matching the job seeker’s dream with the right organization: “As Marta’s case shows, regardless of where a person comes from, their passion and appetite for learning can bring great advantages to an organization.”

USG People continues to support overseas job seekers like Raoul and Marta by getting to know each individual’s life story and providing the kind of one-on-one support they need to succeed.

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