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51. A Unique Approach to Hiring: the “Week of the Anonymous CV”

51. A Unique Approach to Hiring: the “Week of the Anonymous CV”

Every company wants to hire the best of the best. But sometimes subconscious prejudices can form during the hiring process and turn recruiters away from qualified candidates. These “unconscious biases” limit the diversity of workforces that would benefit from the varied perspectives of a team of unique individuals. 

It is important to acknowledge the fact that unconscious biases impact hiring, and attempt to prevent them from doing so. But because many prejudices are internalized and systemic, attempting to eliminate them is extremely difficult. That’s why Unique, an employment placement agency in the Netherlands and a Recruit Group company, implemented an ambitious effort against unconscious bias in recruitment and hiring. During the “Week of the Anonymous CV,” age, gender, addresses, dates, and names were eliminated from evaluated resumes. The only information the hiring managers received was the candidate’s work experience and place of education. Through this initiative, Unique aimed to give more attention to the skills, experience, and educational attributes of a candidate for a position—and not on the factors that could exclude qualified candidates based on bias.

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