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52. Start People France’s Fête de l'Intérimaire Celebrates Temp Workers

52. Start People France’s Fête de l'Intérimaire Celebrates Temp Workers

Fête de l'Intérimaire

Temp work is an accommodating and flexible work style. Temporary employees often take on the work to supplement their income or try their hands at a new task. In France, temp work carries negative connotations, so in 2018, Start People France, a temp employment agency, organized a special event just for temp workers called “Fête de l’Intérimaire.”

Temp work is an employment style with many perks, and suits those in search of free time, flexibility, or extra cash. It can function as a trial period in a new position, and help the job seeker decide whether to commit to full-time employment. However, temp work is often portrayed as a work style that lacks competitive pay and job security. Start People France, a temp employment agency that helps French businesses meet unique recruitment needs, works to dispel those misconceptions.

Eager to tackle the prejudice around temp work and highlight the benefits, Celine Maurisse, a staff member in Start People France’s marketing department, sought out ways to encourage more people to try temporary jobs. Since many people were interested in the work but hesitant to apply, Celine focused on developing a resource sharing strategy. After learning about the success of an open office event planned by another Start People France branch, Celine decided to kick off a series of nationwide networking events just for temp workers.

In 2018, the agency launched “Fête de l’Intérimaire,” or Temp Worker Day, across over 200 company branches to provide temp workers in France with an opportunity to network and exchange resources. Temp workers were invited to tour the branch offices and enjoy free food, entertainment, and games. Attendees were encouraged to talk freely with agency staff in order to build a sense of community. Many temp workers were inspired to sign up for open positions while at the event.

“This experience really showed that Start People France values me,” an attendee said. “It’s also really nice to meet other temp workers outside of work.”

Start People France is the only temp agency in Europe to implement a large-scale open office event like Fête de l’Intérimaire. The event resulted in an 8% rise in registered employees that year, and an 11% rise the year after. The French temp worker market as a whole declined in 2019, but Start People France was the sole entity that grew.

Through Fête de l’Intérimaire, which is now an annual event, Start People France continues to promote temp work and meet the unique hiring needs of more businesses.

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