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56. No experience? No problem.

56. No experience? No problem.


Staff Service Group launched the office staffing service Mira-yell in 2014 in order to provide professional opportunities to young people who have little to no work experience. The name Mira-yell comes from the Japanese words mirai, meaning “future,” and yell, meaning “to cheer.” It signifies the service’s hope to encourage young professionals as they take on new careers. Mira-yell is Japan’s first “beginner to office pro” staffing service, setting a new national standard for career assistance services.

Natsumi Sato, a new university graduate, was unhappy with her job.

“I started working in a clothes shop after graduating from a fashion university, but the job was far away and my shifts were irregular,” said Sato. She wanted to find a job that would allow her to balance work and life, and an office job seemed perfect. “I’m the kind of person who enjoys new challenges, so even though I knew nothing about general office work at all, I wanted to try my hand at it.”

Sato started a new job at a company to do office work, but soon realized that the corporate culture and work environment was not what she had expected.

“I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into,” said Sato. “I left after three months.”

Still motivated to pursue an administrative career, Sato searched for a staffing service that would help her find the right employer and position. She decided to contact Mira-yell to learn more about how the company matched staffers with reputable businesses that suited their career aspirations. Through Mira-yell’s career counseling services, she decided to pursue a position at Recruit Carsensor, a Mira-yell client.

To help staffers prepare for their new roles, Mira-yell offers ongoing counseling and training programs. Sato attended lectures to gain the skills required to do office work, and in September 2017, she began her new job at Recruit Carsensor.

“The counselors at Mira-yell took the time to listen to me during career counseling sessions,” said Sato. “The lectures were personalized and online, which made it really convenient to learn at home. I actually brought my lecture notes to the office with me until I got used to my job. At first, I had a hard time making connections between the job itself and things like Excel functions, but once I got some hands-on experience, I was able to do the work easily and quickly using what I had learned in the lectures.”

Masaaki Kumeno, Sato’s team leader at Recruit Carsensor, was happy to have her and other staffers from Mira-yell join the team. “Mira-yell’s salespeople are familiar with our company so they are able to introduce us to employees who are a great fit for us.”

According to Kumeno, it takes about three months for employees to adjust to a new job and about two years for them to develop their skills and envision clear career development goals. However, most contracts aren’t long enough for temporary workers to begin planning.

“Temporary employees often repress their career development goals when they realize that their role is coming to an end,” said Kumeno. “It’s an inefficient approach to career development, and something we felt needed to be addressed.”

Many temporary workers feel discouraged when they are not afforded any opportunities to grow the skills they’ve already acquired. Which is why Mira-yell provides temporary staffers with ongoing career counseling. Sato and other staffers can meet with a Mira-yell career counselor once a month and participate in supplemental training every six months to continue to gain new skills and think about their professional goals. This support helps the staffers feel secure and motivated in their positions, and prepares them for career growth.

“I’m happy that I have opportunities to try new things regardless of my position as a staffer,” said Sato. “I’m also recognized for my accomplishments and seen as a businesswoman in my own right, which makes me more motivated than ever. Thanks to Mira-yell, I feel confident in my job skills and can see a future as a permanent employee.”

Sato has now taken on additional duties and responsibilities, including training junior staff members.

Masaki Iwase, a group manager at Recruit Carsensor, sees strong potential in the young professionals that use Mira-yell’s services.

“Like Natsumi, staff placed by Mira-yell go above and beyond with their work,” said Iwase. “They have a strong will to learn and wide-ranging performance capabilities. There is no limit to the positive energy they put into their work. We hope that this kind of staffing system takes root in the future.”

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