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58. Going Public: Recruit’s Spirit of Entrepreneurship Goes Global

58. Going Public: Recruit’s Spirit of Entrepreneurship Goes Global

Recruit Holdings Becomes Publicly Listed Company

In 2012, in a general stockholder meeting, CEO Masumi Minegishi announced Recruit Holdings’ ambitions for an initial public offering (IPO), “We will extend the business model we’ve built in Japan to the world and strive for further growth. And we’ll strive to offer our stocks publicly as one of a series of mid- to long-term growth strategies in order to make the leap to becoming a global company.”

Following the meeting, Recruit Holdings established an office and set three goals for going public: to ensure diversity of funds and financial strategies, to guarantee operational transparency, and to improve credibility in the global market. The company’s leadership team wanted to make it clear that they would do their best to meet social expectations while preserving the spirit of entrepreneurship that had driven Recruit Group since its founding.

While preparing to go public, Recruit Holdings conducted business as usual, releasing spin-off companies and engaging in mergers and acquisitions. On October 14, 2014, Recruit Holdings was listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Since Japan’s HR market had been struggling for several years, the company's successful IPO received great attention and praise.

Since the IPO six years ago, Recruit Holdings’ drive and mission have remained the same. Each team member continues to ask whether society’s expectations are being met and challenge themself to do more to meet those needs.

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