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59. Bet on Passion

59. Bet on Passion

Introducing Recruit Group to the World

Recruit Group’s overseas sales grew from 3.6% of total sales in March 2012 to 46% in March 2019. However, at the start of Recruit’s full-scale outreach, the group encountered difficulties connecting with overseas businesses. In the process, Hisayuki Idekoba, Yoshihiro Kitamura, and Ayano Senaha, three of Recruit Holdings’ top executives, realized that it was time to reevaluate Recruit’s management philosophy to address modern global business challenges.

What does it mean to change a management philosophy? A few years ago, while reflecting on Recruit Group’s (RG) rich, 60-year history, the Recruit Holdings (RH) executive team discussed the future. The essence of RH’s mission, values, and vision would always be relevant and remain the same, but in light of new business opportunities in other countries, the language used to describe them could be more precise. They decided that, in order to accurately reflect the state of the world and RG’s place in it today, the group’s management philosophy needed to be updated.

Our Mission

When RH was founded in 1960, its goal as a business was to provide individuals with as many choices as possible—this is how RH’s mission, “Opportunities for Life,” came to be defined. This remains the company’s main mission, but in this age of information overload it’s become much more challenging to cut through the noise and find the best options and relevant recommendations.

With the help of today’s advanced technologies, RH’s business operations have evolved to uphold industry standards and optimize the matching process between businesses and individual users. RH’s goal has become to provide a faster, simpler, and more personal service that people think of as their first choice. So the company mission has been updated to “Opportunities for Life. Faster, simpler, and closer to you.”

Our Values

Three core values inform the way Recruit pursues its mission: “Creation of New Value,” “Respect for All Individuals,” and “Contributions to Society.” With the revision of RH’s mission, the executive team decided to update the English translations of these values in order to more vividly convey their Japanese meanings to overseas partners.

“Creation of New Value” became “Wow the World.” Recruit aims to create a future full of endless possibilities, realizing humanity’s innate curiosity and desire for adventure. As a business, RH wants to innovate in ways that challenge the status quo, change the world, and create more wonder out of everyday work.

“Respect for All Individuals” became “Bet on Passion.” Respect is about much more than just showing kindness—it also means acknowledging differences, listening carefully to one another, and, most importantly, trusting each other’s perspectives and ideas. When a person is passionate about an idea, others need to trust them and see whether that energy can continue to spread and get more people involved. This is how small ideas eventually become big and create lasting impacts.

“Contributions to Society” became “Prioritize Social Value.” All businesses must succeed, of course, but becoming profitable isn’t everything. There’s got to be something beyond financial success. As a global organization, RH feels a duty to contribute to a sustainable society through all corporate activities. RH is committed to seeking out the needs of society and generating unique solutions.

Our Vision

Since its founding, RH’s vision has remained the same: “Follow Your Heart.” RH envisions a world where individuals and businesses can focus on what really matters—pursuing individual passions to contribute to a better future. RH has applied this philosophy broadly across all of RG’s services and partnerships with like-minded businesses.

Change is a good thing. As the world continues to shift, RH will continue to evolve to provide the best services. RH’s vision, mission, and values serve as constant reminders for the group to work with purpose, integrity, and good intentions.

In order for our products to succeed, they must have surprise, discovery, and a “WOW” factor. It’s so much fun this way, too!
Yoshihiro Kitamura

Instead of prescribing what our employees must do, we ask them, “What is it that YOU want to do? If you’ve got the passion, go for it! I’m with you.”
Hisayuki “Deko” Idekoba

All businesses must succeed, of course, but becoming profitable isn’t everything. There’s got to be something beyond financial success.
Ayano “Sena” Senaha

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